• Our team is specialised in tailor-made journeys around Ukraine.

    As a partner for travel agencies, groups or independent tourists we arrange individual itineraries around Ukraine.

    Alongside with famous destinations we also offer to visit the rural areas. There are lots of colourful, but still unknown places in the outside the touristic centres like Kyiv, Lviv and Crimea.

    One- or more-day tours about the countryside perfectly match with visiting the tourist centres.

    Agricultural tours have been developed as an particular focus. Ukraine is one of the most important growers of agricultural products in the world. The best lands and favourable climate contribute to making Ukraine an attractive place for farming.

    Large-scale farms, left after the privatization of the collective farms, with an intensive production dominating the picture of the Ukrainian agriculture.

    The agricultural tours are guided by Dietrich Treis, who has been working in Ukraine as the Consultant on the agricultural issues and has fundamental expertise in this sphere.

    4-Travel-Ukraine is registered in Kyiv and has all touristic licenses required in Ukraine.

  • Ukraine with its black soil fields is well-known as “the bread-basket” of Europe. The state flag of Ukraine – blue sky above the golden field of wheat – also symbolises its commitment to agricultural. But the communist economy and followed after it necessary reorganisation made the agricultural enterprises face tasks, which they could not cope with for a long time.

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  • Ukraine offers a lot of places of interest to visitors. The Crimea, Kyiv, Lviv are well-known attractive destinations of fascinating travels. Beside the popular places, numerous small towns and places are well worth a visit. Quite often they are almost unexplored by the tourists and it makes them even more attractive. Discover unknown corners of Ukraine for yourself.

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  • Preparation of a business trip still requires a lot of efforts. Many of the offers are not available on-line. We will create an individual travel around Ukraine for you.

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