• Ukraine with its black soil fields is well-known as “the bread-basket” of Europe. The state flag of Ukraine – blue sky above the golden field of wheat – also symbolises its commitment to agricultural. But the communist economy and followed after it necessary reorganisation made the agricultural enterprises face tasks, which they could not cope with for a long time. Both state and enterprises need to be adapted to join the world economy. Joining the WTO is a great step towards, but it is necessary to continue moving in this direction till the Ukrainian agriculture totally reveals its potential.

    Make your own picture, visit former collective farms, family enterprises or agricultural holdings covering the areas of 100 000 ha and more. Together with the Ukrainian hospitality it will leave with you unforgettable impressions about your travel.

    Ukraine, the second largest country by land area in Europe after Russia, can offer a lot.

    In the Western Ukraine predominantly smaller enterprises are located, the so called farmers. Alongside with the arable farming the dairy-farms are of significant importance. Soils range from middle to good quality and precipitation is sufficient (>600mm). It is partially mountainous terrain.

    Central Ukraine is the heart of agriculture. In this part black soil comes together with sufficient precipitation (400 – 600 mm) . Large farms on flat fields make this area the ideal place for farm business.

    In the South the farms are much larger and the areas are vast. Owing to insignificant precipitation crops are well below the crops in the Central part of Ukraine in spite of the good soils. Recently vegetable farms, have been rapidly developed. They are using irrigation and intensive and modern production methods.

    Climate conditions and soils in the Eastern Ukraine are similar to those in the South, but this part of Ukraine is rather an industrial area.

    Agriculture plays a minor role.

    In the North of Ukraine there are mainly light sandy grounds. Previously they were used to grow potatoes, but nowadays large areas are abandoned.

    All the parts of Ukraine are different but have their specific characteristic. Depending on your sphere of interest and time available it is possible to visit one or more regions. According to you wishes we will tailor an individual itinerary for you with well thought-out and balanced agricultural and cultural programme. Click on “Contact” to send us your inquiry about the travel.

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