• Agricultural Tours

    Tour #1 (Kiev – Uman – Odessa) – 5/6 days

    This tour went from Kiev to the heart of the Ukrainian Blackearthregion and ends in Odessa. The group arrived on two different days. The earlier group had a sightseeing programme in Kiev. The second group arrived on the eve of the departure day to the agricultural programme. The programme was dedicated to plant production. It was a mixture between Ukrainian small and large farms and farms with foreign investment. At the end of the tour the group visited Odessa and the grain terminal in the Odessa port.

    Tour #2 (Kiev – Cherkassy – Uman – Kiev) – 6 days

    The second tour makes a loop through the central Ukraine, the regions of Kiev and Cherkassy. It is focused on cash crop production with a small part of cultural programme. It ends in Kiev.

    Tour #3 (Lvov-Ternopol-Kiev-Cherkassy-Uman-Odessa) – 13 days

    This two-week tour combines the three major agro-climatic zones of Ukraine. From the West with ab climate with higher precipitation , it goes via the central Ukraine, the heart of the Black Earth region to the dry south. Besides the agricultural program, the three most beautiful cities of Ukraine (Lviv, Kiev, Odessa) are involved. The tour provides a deep insight into the Ukrainian agriculture, and an extensive cultural program.

    Tour #4(Kiev-Poltava-Zaporizhzha-Kherson-Uman-Kiev) – 9 days

    A tour to the relatively dry and vast areas in the eastern and southern Ukraine. The intensive production in central Ukraine, where very good black earth soils meet with good rainfall, is included at the end of the trip. As in all journeys, the proportion of the cultural program are variable.

    Tour #5(Kiev-Uman-Kiev) – 4 days

    A short journey but it still offers a deep insight into the Ukrainian agriculture. Before leaving is still some time for a city tour of Kiev.

    Tour #8 (Kiev-Vinnitsa-Chisinau/Moldova-Delta Danube-Odessa)

    This trip goes through Ukraine and Moldova. In order to shorten the journey it is possible to fly back from Chisinau. The trip can be focused on wine and / or fruit growing.

     A touristic highlight is the trip to the Danube Delta, a unique nature experience with exotic flora and fauna.

    Tour #9 (Chisinau-Galati-Constanta-Bucharest)

    This trip starts in Moldova. From Chisinau the northern part of the country will be explored. Further the trip goes to the south of Moldova and the south east of Romania. The last station is Bucharest. The trip could be focused cash crop production as, on wine and / or fruit growing or a combination of both.

    Tour #9 Romania – Moldova (Chisinau Gelati-Constanta-Bucharest)

    Belarus .

    Tour #10 (Belarus: Minsk-Brest)


    Tour Nr. 11 (Kazakhstan – Astana-Kokshtau-Almaty) – 8 days


    Cultural Tours

    Tour #6(Kiev-Odessa-Sevastopol-Yalta-Kiev) – 12 days

    A comprehensive cultural journey that integrates the three main regions, Kiev, Odessa and the Crimea. Particular highlights are the night train from Odessa to the Crimea and a day trip to Chernihiv

    Tour #7 (Kiev-Chernivtsi-Ukrainian Carpathians-Satu Mare) – 10 days

    A cross-country journey that begins in Kiev and ends in Romania. From Kiev the tour goes over Czernowitz, the traditional capital of Bukovina, and the Carpathian Mountains to Romania. The tour offers a good opportunity to combine nature and culture and sports.