• General information

    Ukraine is a European country and its climate is very similar to the climate of the Central Europe. In the midsummer, especially in the South, it may be very hot (above 35°C). In some winters the temperature can drop to minus 20°C. The most pleasant time for travelling is between middle of April untill end of June and from the end of August to the middle of October.

    Normally there is no need to make any special preparations for the travel, but it is required to get necessary information about vaccination, etc.

    Local food and drinking water can be considered safe. The tap water is clean but it tastes mostly after chlorine.

    Necessary pharmaceuticals should be taken with you from home. In rural areas the medical supplie is limited.


  •     Telephone calls

    To UK:
    0044 – area code – number,
    via mobile phone : +44 – are code – number

    Fixed line:

    Local calls are dialled without the area code.
    Since October 2009, Ukraine has switched to the usual international dialling code system:
    long distance calls: 0 – area code – number
    International calls: 00 – country code – area code (without 0) – number
    International calls are possible anywhere in Ukraine. In some hotels and offices international and / or long distance calls are blocked.
    (Previously an “8” for long-distance calls and “8-10” for international calls had to be dialed In the beginning there will still some information of phone numbers under the old system. Those who dial according to the old system will hear an automatic notice (ukr / rus) that the dialing system has been changed)
    It is possible that old telephone lines request to wait for a dial tone after dialling the first “0”.

    Mobile communication: Recently the most part of Ukraine has been covered with mobile radio communication network (GSM 900/1800). Please, check before leaving, whether your provider has concluded roaming agreements with the Ukrainian provider and whether you can easily connect to it.
    The largest Ukrainian providers are: KyivStar (www.kyivstar.net) and MTS (www.mts.com.ua). You can find their coverage maps at their web-sites.

  •     Emergency calls in Ukraine

    Fire brigade 101

    Police 102

    Ambulance service 103

    Gas service 104

    Information inquiry 109

    Elevator emergency 1586

    Pharmacy information 1567

    Private Hospital Boris
    8 044 2380000
    vul. V. Vasilkivska, 55A (Hotel Sport)

    Private Hospital Medicom
    044 2340303
    vul. Kondratuka, 8
    Tel.: 044 4328888, 5037777

    JEHF British Medical Clinic (in English, Ukrainian, Russian)
    4, Glybochitskaya
    +38 044 494 34 38, mobile 8066 400 6002
    Working hours: Monday – Friday from 9.00 tо 13.00
    The rest of the time automatic answering device offers the doctor’s mobile phone number in English.
    Service is paid in cash during the visit (no credit cards). The patient is issued a bill to be submitted to the insurance company.

    24-Hour Pharmacy
    Bessarabka Square 7, Kiev
    Phone: +38 044 235 3856
    Pharmacy information service: 1567

  •     Language

    National language is Ukrainian. Except in Western Ukraine the most part of the population speak and understand (if they wish) Russian. In the Eastern Ukraine the Ukrainian language is almost not spoken.

    In Kyiv you can perfectly manage with English. Most restaurants have a menu in English. English is also spoken in the large hotels; sometimes you can hear German and French.

    The situation is a bit more complicated outside the limits of large cities. One should not expect to hear any foreign language even at hotels, railway stations and other public places.

  •     Currency

    National currency of Ukraine is the Hryvna (Gryvna), UAH. One Hryvna is divided into 100 Kopecks. Operations in other currencies are forbidden with only a few exceptions. Some shops and hotels do not accept any foreign currency any more.

    Importing foreign currency is limited and beginning with a definite amount it should be declared or registered in the National Bank of Ukraine. Usual expenses for the travel are usually lower than the amount necessary to declare. More details available on the web-site of the Ukrainian Embassy (List of embassies of Ukraine http://www.mfa.gov.ua/mfa/en/305.htm) or custom service (http://www.customs.gov.ua).

    Exchange bureaus: Euro and US dollars could be exchanged almost everywhere, other currency can be exchanged only in large cities in a few exchange bureaus. It is not recommended to exchange currency anywhere else, but exchange bureaus, due to the high risk of fraud. Moreover, it is illegal.

    Cash dispensers/credit cards: Besides, a sufficient number of ATM (automated teller machines) is available for you to get cash via maestro or credit cards. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted, others cards are less common. In Kyiv and other centres of Ukraine it is possible to pay via credit cards in restaurants and hotels.

    But it is hardly possible even in the oblast centres and not possible at all in small towns. If there is such an option, it takes often a long time. Quite often, especially at restaurants, the cards might be misused, that is why it is strongly advised to keep an eye on your credit cards.

    Traveller’s Cheque: not always accepted and you depend on bank business hours.

  •     Time

    GMT +2h.

  •     Electricity

    220 Volts AC, 50 Hz

    Euro plugs fit in the majority of cases.

  •     Public Holidays

    New Year: 1 January

    Christmas: 7 January

    Women’s Day: 8 March


    Labour Day: 1 and 2 May
    Victory Day: 9 May

    Trinity Sunday

    Constitution Day: 28 June

    Independence Day: 24 August

    If a holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, then next Monday is not a working day.

  •     Religion

    Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchy), Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kyiv Patriarchy), Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Autocephalous), Greek Catholic Church (in communion with Rome), less numerous Jewish, Roman Catholic and Protestant Communities (Baptists in particular); Islam (primarily Crimean Tatars).

  •     Safety

    Kyiv is probably much safer than many of the Western European cities. In spite of it, you’d better be careful. Fist of all, the travellers are advised to take special care of their belongings as pick-pocketing and con artists are often reported, especially near hotels and sights. A car should be kept over night at a guarded parking place.